Kyoshi Phillip Arnold
Kyoshi Phillip

We, the members of Koshin-ha Chito Ryu, Louisville Dojo, welcome you to our dojo. This school is an official branch of the national Koshin-ha Chito Ryu Karate Association.

We will be glad to answer any questions that you might have concerning our organization and/or our particular school. There is no end to the learning and study of true karate. Your results in this school will depend on many things. If you start in this school because you want to become an overnight expert, do not begin. No karate teacher can make you proficient in a short time because of the physical and mental aspects of the art of karate. If, however, you enter into karate training because you wish to better yourself physically and mentally, we welcome you.

Your results will be determined by the following.

  1. Your attitude
  2. Your ability
  3. Your determination
  4. The number of classes you attend
  5. How hard you practice during class time
  6. Your willingness to learn

We encourage you to consider our school only if you are serious. We believe in discipline and respect because it has been crucial to the success of our organization. We are proud of our organization as well as our Dojo here in Louisville. If you decide to join with us, we wish you the best in your pursuit of perfection in the Martial Arts.

Our dojo is located in the gymnasium of Buechel Park Baptist Church at 2403 Hikes Lane, Louisville, Kentucky 40218.